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Student Worker Training Guide


Use the same process to check out media materials as you do when you check out books! 

However, read the boxes below on:

1. Unlocking the DVD case

2. Locating barcode (s)

3. Making sure to scan all barcodes for DVDs and Audio books with multiple discs

How to Check Out DVDs

Please note:

  • Some DVD cases may contain multiple discs.
  • Before checking out the material, make sure all the discs are in the case.
  • If there are any problems, please send the patron to the Reference desk.

  • To check out DVDs, scan the barcode located on the inside of the DVD box.  *Be sure to scan ALL barcodes if there are multiple discs


Media Materials

                                                     Do Not Desensitize this material

S3 Counter Key and Hand Key to Open Locked DVD Cases


Place DVD case onto the magnetic base of the Alpha S3 CounterKey.

  • The Alpha S3 Counterkey is located to the lower right of the circulation desk. It is the one in the front closest to you. Be sure the gray tab is on the bottom right. The CounterKey opens all cases.
  • Slide the gray tab completely to the right to to unlock the security case. That will disengage the locking mechanism. If the key does not open the first time, try again. If you need assistance ask for help at the reference desk.
  • Lift the case off the key and open. Place the DVD case in the storage bin and follow the Check Out process (Item barcode for DVD is located inside the case). Remember - if there are multiple DVDs in a case, scan each individual barcode.