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Student Worker Training Guide

How to Check Out Materials

There are five steps you need to follow in order to check out a book.

Note that a beeping noise does not necessarily confirm that a step has been finished. Make sure to watch the screen to verify each step.

How to Check Out Materials

Step 1: Click the Borrower Services tab. The tab is located at the top left corner of the toolbar.


Step 2: Select the search box with your mouse. The search box is located in the green bar towards the top of the toolbar on the right hand side of the page.


Step 3: Scan E-card. The patron's page will come up and the Check Out box on the left hand side should be highlighted in orange. Make sure the patron's E-Card is properly scanned.

If the patron does not come up, try typing in the patrons last name. If the patron's record does not appear, please see a librarian for help.


Step 4:  Select Search Box. It is located under Check Out Items box.

Step 5: Scan the item barcode. Item should appear under the check out items list



After scanning barcodes of all materials, you must stamp the date due slip with the due date.

Due dates vary per patron and materials. See circulation policy tab for this information.

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