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Student Worker Training Guide


You are responsible to work the hours you are scheduled for. These hours were determined when you committed to work here at Warner Library. The schedule is posted on LibStaffer.

PLEASE NOTIFY Victoria Bonelli ( if:

1. You are ill and cannot come to work.

2. You have an emergency.

You must work your shift otherwise.


Using LibStaffer

To check your schedule, please use the LibStaffer link above.

To clock in and out, please login to LibStaffer and do the following steps:

  • Once you have logged into LibStaffer, click 'Clock In/Out' at the top of the screen.

  • Click 'Clock In' and you will see a confirmation page. Please contact Victoria Bonelli ( if you forget to clock in or if the confirmation page does not pop up.
  • Remember to click 'Clock Out' at the end of your shift.


Swapping/Giving Up Shifts

You have the ability to swap or give up your shift 3 or more hours before your shift begins. This means that you are responsible for finding coverage for this shift. You will not be able to swap a shift with someone until they also agree to commit to the coverage. If no one is able to swap or pick up your shift, you are responsible for it.

The following pictures show you how to swap a shift:

In LibStaffer, go to 'Home' and then click 'Swap'. Choose which shift you would like to cover in replacement of your shift by clicking 'Request Swap' next to the shift. This request will be sent to the person covering the shift, and they will decide if they would like to swap shifts with you.



The following pictures show you how to give up a shift:

Click 'Give Up' next to the shift

Click 'Give Up'

This shift will still be assigned to you until someone claims the shift. You are responsible for finding coverage.