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Student Worker Training Guide

Patron Confidentiality

Warner Library respects the privacy of all patrons; as such, under no circumstances may workers give out a patron's personal information.

Requests for a patron's personal information should never be honored. Personal information includes, but is not limited to:

  • Personal information (addresses, phone numbers, etc.) of people in the patron database
  • Fines and fees of a student requested by a parent without the student's permission
  • The name of a person who has checked out a particular item
  • Review of past users of an item or book
  • The nature of a patron's reference request or database search
  • The names of persons who have used DVD or Reserve materials
  • Circulation records for any person other than the requestor
  • Identification of students who borrowed reserved items
  • Circulation records of students suspected of plagiarism

Also never check out materials for a person to another person's account!