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Student Worker Training Guide: Customer Service Basics

What is Customer Service?

What do you imagine when you think about customer service? We experience customer service all the time: at stores, restaurants, over the phone, and in libraries. Is there somewhere you return again and again because the service is great? Or somewhere you'll never go back to because you had a bad experience?

Take a minute to think about:

  • A really wonderful customer service experience you've had.
  • A really bad customer service experience you've had.

Customer Service Tips

It is important to follow these standards of good customer service so together we can provide the best library experience for Eastern University's students, faculty, and staff.

Here are the basics:

Be approachable--it's all about attitude!

  • Greet people when they come to the desk.
  • Stop what you're doing and respond to patrons.
  • Smile.
  • Maintain eye contact.
  • A positive attitude is your best asset.

Be helpful--go the extra mile!

  • First, listen to get full understanding of inquiries.
  • Show you are engaged and want to help.
  • Don't know the answer? Find a librarian who does!

Grouchy patron? No problem!

  • Don't let someone's bad day become yours.
  • Try to help--all while staying positive.
  • However, if a patron becomes rude, verbally abusive, inappropriate, or ignores your explanations, politely refer him/her to your supervisor or the Librarian on duty

Slow at the desk?

  • Ask your supervisor if there's anything you can do.
  • Avoid activities that reduce your approachability--using headphones, watching videos, etc
  • Studying is acceptable as long as you are attentive to library patrons

You Represent Us All

When you're working in a customer service position, you are representing Warner Library and Eastern University on the whole.

Think about visiting your favorite restaurant. While you probably enjoy the food, what keeps you returning is more likely to be the atmosphere and customer service. What do the restaurant employees do to make you feel comfortable and taken care of?

  • Greet you warmly when you enter.
  • Pay attention to your questions and offer up alternatives when necessary.
  • Respond promptly to your questions and needs.
  • Makes sure your table area is tidy and comfortable.
  • Thank you when you leave and invite you to come again!

Most of these same elements carry over between restaurants and other customer service environments. It's all about making people feel welcome and comfortable.

4 Part Strategy

Customer/employee interactions usually have four pieces:

Stage Example
1. Listen What can I help you with? How can I help you?
2. Reflect Here's what I heard you say. Is that correct?
3. Acknowledge I can help you with that.
4. Act Here's how I'll help.