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Student Worker Training Guide

Recording Your Hours

You are responsible to record the hours you work. We strongly advise that you record your time each time you come to work. If you forget and do not fill in your hours, you will not get paid.


Please submit your times for the current and past week before midnight for the Spring 2024 semester on these days:

-Saturday, March 16

-Saturday, March 30

-Saturday, April 13

-Saturday, April 27

-Saturday, May 11


To record your hours worked, Log into MyEastern.

Click on WebAdvisor for Students - and go to Time Entry and Approval - then Time Entry

Each time you come to work, log in and record your hours. This will save you from trying to remember what hours you worked AND is a time saver when timecards are due to your supervisor. 

When you enter your time worked,  enter in the hours for time ain and time out. IMPORTANT: Time entry must be entered in a 12-hour format using a colon (example: 5:00pm) or in a 24-hour format using four digits (example: 1700). You can either type in the time or press the box and a drop-down will appear, then scroll to the time to click it.



 Each time you record your time you must click the submit button. MAKE SURE you fill out your time for both weeks! There is an arrow in the top left of the page that will allow you to toggle between the two weeks in the given pay period, please make sure you are on the correct week when you are entering your time.


Once all time for the pay period has been entered, you must click the 'Submit' button at the top right of the screen for both weeks. An email will be automatically sent to your supervisor indicating that your time is ready to be reviewed and approved. Once you have submitted your timecard, corrections can only be made by requesting that your supervisor reject the submission. Please get your timecards submitted on time!