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Student Worker Training Guide: Check In

Discharging or Checking in Materials

To Check materials in, please follow the steps below.

Step 1: Select the Borrower Services tab at the top of the page

Step 2: Click the Check In box located on the left hand side.  The box should turn orange when selected.

Step 3: Scan item barcode

  • When discharging materials watch the screen.
  • Item should appear under the list of checked in items.

       Note: After scanning a book back into the system, be sure to sensitize it and place it on the appropriate

       shelving cart. Books are the only thing that need to be sensitized/desensitized.

       Note: For DVDs with call numbers PN 1992.77-PN1995.9.7, place into security case after item is checked in.


If a message like this pops up when you check in a book:


Write down the patron’s name and ID number from the message on a slip of paper and put it inside the book.

Then give the book to Jeron.

DO NOT put it on the Hold Shelf. It needs to be processed first.



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