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Addressing Plagiarism: For Students

Plagiarizing = F



Ways to Avoid Plagiarizing

You can avoid plagiarizing by:

  • taking effective notes
  • organizing your sources
  • paraphrasing, summarizing and quoting appropriately
  • using common knowledge
  • citing your sources correctly

Examples of Plagiarism

It is plagiarism when you:

  • buy or submit a paper written by someone else
  • cut and paste passages into your paper without citing the sources
  • use the words or ideas of another person without citing them
  • paraphrase, summarize or quote the words of another person without citing them
  • submit a paper you wrote a previous semester
  • make up citations
  • work with others on assignments and submit the assignment as though it was completed individually
  • pay someone else to write a paper for you

How To Recognize Plagiarism

In order to avoid plagiarism, you must give credit when

  • You use another person's ideas, opinions, or theories.
  • You use facts, statistics, graphics, drawings, music, etc., or any other type of information that does not comprise common knowledge.
  • You use quotations from another person's spoken or written word.
  • You paraphrase another person's spoken or written word.


  • Begin the writing process by stating your ideas; then go back to the author's original work.
  • Use quotation marks and credit the source (author) when you copy exact wording.
  • Use your own words (paraphrase) instead of copying directly when possible.
  • Even when you paraphrase another author's writings, you must give credit to that author.
  • If the form of citation and reference are not correct, the attribution to the original author is likely to be incomplete. Therefore, improper use of style can result in plagiarism. Get a style manual and use it.
  • The figure below may help to guide your decisions.


Plagiarism Tests

Need Help

What's a Citation?

Click on the image above to take you to this valuable website that:

  • Defines what a citation is
  • Explains how to paraphrase
  • Explain how to quote