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Film & Media Studies: Reference Sources

A subject guide for those researching topics in film & media studies.

Bibliographies & Filmographies

Bibliographies vs. Filmographies: What's the difference?

Bibliographies feature lists of books & other resources on a particular topic, like film genres, directors, film styles, etc.

Filmographies offer lists of films on a particular topic, but do not include resources about those films. They are simply lists of films arranged by subject matter.

Dictionaries & Encyclopedias

Dictionaries & Encyclopedias

Similar to guides & film companions, dictionaries & encyclopedias are types of resources best used to build background knowledge on a topic.

Research Guides

Research Guides

Research guides will point you in the right direction as you begin your scholarly research. Film and Television: A Guide to Reference Literature is a wonderful, in-depth resource that lists indexes, bibliographies, filmographies, and additional reference sources about film topics. If you find a book listed here, you can always use EZ Borrow to request it.

Guides & Companions to Film

Guides & Film Companions

These resources provide a brief overview on a particular topic, in this case, film. They are good to use when trying to build background knowledge, but not the best resource when looking for scholar publications.