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Social Justice: Policing & Incarceration: Getting Started: Talking About Race


Topics related to social justice can feel overwhelming, this page is meant to help the researcher discover how the topics can be approached for clear conversations. In addition to the books highlighted be sure to use the e-book tools provided. On the last page of this guide we provide ideas for search terms, because the topics can be wide ranging and the language has evolved over time. 

Books to Start the Conversation

E-Book Search

Click on one of the e-book links below to access a search box for e-books. Create a list of search terms and experiment using them to search for relevant materials. You may also use the many limiters provided by the search mechanism. Different e-book databases use different limiter systems so you will have to look around on each site. Fine tune your search by selecting additional specific subjects- which many times are already listed after you perform a general search. Some limiters include date range, geographic locations, related subjects. 


Best Bet Databases

For most topics related to social justice, law, and policing, we recommend the following databases.

Talking About Race: Helpful Web Resources

Eagle Search

Eagle Search: ebooks, articles and more