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This course targets competency in the following seven indicators:

  1. Communicate effectively and persuasively in writing through synthesis and critical analysis, and verbally in presentations and public speaking.
  2. Articulate the theories, methods, and practice of effective leadership.
  3. Organize, assess, and evaluate facets of issues and problems quickly and in a clear and concise manner that gets the fundamental assumptions and roots that underpin them; identify own biases and research and identify alternative or opposing viewpoints to inform this process.  Use these abilities to engage in effective problem solving and dialogue in a way that is committed to the Biblical notion of wisdom, truth seeking, and building relationships.
  4. Be able to articulate their faith with a wide variety of developmental issues, especially poverty.
  5. Implement the theories, methods and practice of effective leadership.
  6. Have a deeper understanding of and commitment to the practice of their faith with a special emphasis on sharing the message of salvation, working for justice and serving the poor as per Christ’s passion.
  7. See a deepening of their understanding of and commitment to becoming more holy.

This guide will help direct you to resources for your research including access to electronic books and databases for articles and mining down to specific journals and articles. The tabs at the top will take you to these specific tools.

The tabs also take you to other guides on how to "Evaluate Websites" and how to 'Avoid Plagiarism."

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