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What Google Scholar Can Do for You!: Tips & Tricks

Quick Tips

Not finding what you want?

Try some of these tricks:

  • Try to only use first initials when searching for author names. Many articles only include the first initial of the author.
  • Abbreviations of journal names are often used, e.g. J Biol Chem rather than Journal of Biological Chemistry.
  • Keep in mind that Google Scholar gathers bibliographical data from text and citations, including pre-prints, which may include incomplete information. Often, when searching in Google Scholar less is more.
  • Try Advanced Search to give Google more specific information about what you hope to find

Advanced Searching

Google Scholar casts a wide net when searching which often means you will need to make your search more specific. Using the "advanced search" feature is the easiest way to narrow your results. You can go to the advanced search page by clicking on the arrow on the right end of the Google Scholar search box: 

google scholar search bar


You can now fill in information on the advanced search screen:

advanced search screen