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Even librarians use Google Scholar! Improve your searching by learning tricks of the trade using advanced features of Google Scholar. Learn the benefits and limitations of what Google Scholar can do for you.  

Making Google Scholar work for you....

Is everything in Google Scholar free?
No. Google Scholar includes many citations that link directly to publishers' web sites of which most will charge a fee for access. However, Warner Library subscribes to many of these publications for Eastern University's community.

How comprehensive is Google Scholar?
Google Scholar searches open access materials from many publishers, including some of the resources to which Warner Library subscribes. However, Google Scholar only searches a fraction of the published scholarly literature. Click here to access one of the many databases covering scholarly publications.

How can I get the full text through the Warner Library's subscriptions?
When you are unable to find free access to full text through Google Scholar, use the appropriate resources at the Warner Library, including the Full Text Finder tool (log in here) and Rapid Ill.

How do I search by author, or limit to certain publications or dates?
Use Advanced Scholar Search (click the down arrow in the search box) which allows for author, publication and date range searching.


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What's in This Guide?

This guide is meant to help you learn to use Google Scholar in concert with Warner Library's resources to your greatest advantage. 

Please feel free to add comments to any section, or contact us.

What is in this guide:

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