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You're Hired! Now What?: Presentation & Representation: Schedules, Timekeeping and Payment

Congrats on Your New Federal Work Study Job! We've covered the very basics and you are safe to start working!


Your federal work study allotment is a fixed amount that you can earn over the course of each semester at Eastern University. For most students, the amount per semester is $600. Eastern University pays $7.25 an hour for federal work study positions, which works out to a total of 103.45 hours available to work each semester. If you are needed past the time where your FWS pays, you should speak with your supervisor and possibly get paid via ECE.

You'll work with your supervisor to create a schedule that works for both the department and the student.

If the hours are to be spread evenly over the course of the 16 week semester, you'll end up working 6-8 hours per week.

Supervisors can also schedule student workers to be available for events and thus cluster their hours but no federal work study student is allowed to work more than 10 hours in a single week.

Students are responsible for contacting their supervisors if they are going to be tardy or have an emergency which prevents them from completing a work shift.

Timekeeping and Payment

The pay period runs on a two week pay and there is a pay schedule posted by Financial Aid to remind you.You are required to post your time in and time out on the electronic timecard accessible via your My Eastern page. You will receive notice from your employer as to when your timecard must be completed in order to get paid. Your supervisor receives notification when you complete your timecard. The supervisor then verifies all information on the time sheet and approves it. The timecard then electronically goes to payroll for payment to you.