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Church History 18th to 20th Centuries: Books

1700 to 2000

Pre-18th Century

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King James Bible--John Milton
Blaise Pascal--John Bunyan--
The Age of Enlightenment
John Winthrop--Roger Williams

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18th Century

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Charles Wesley--John Wesley
Great Awakening--Jonathan Edwards
Moravians--Absalom Jones--
Cotton Mather-- Isaac Watts

19th Century

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Hudson Taylor and The China Inland Mission
Lucretia Mott and The Free Religious Association
Mary Baker Eddy and The Church of Christ, Scientist
Dwight L. Moody--Henry Ward Beecher--David Livingstone
Pope Pius IX--Joseph Smith and The Mormon (LDS) Church

20th Century

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Ecumenism --Harry Emerson Fosdick
Billy Sunday --John Gresham Machen --
Aimee Semple McPherson and The Foursquare Church --C.S. Lewis --
Scopes Monkey Trial

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