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General Studies in Music: Find Articles & Journals

Taking a music class? This guide points you to music-related resources.

Search Terms

Wordle: Music Studies

Listed below are search terms for you to use when searching for resources on music.

  • Composition
  • Composer
  • Lyrics
  • Notation
  • Consonance and dissonance
  • serialism
  • "musical semiotics"
  • "set theory"
  • "call and response"
  • improvisation
  • inharmonicity
  • isorhythm
  • talea
  • motet

Rapid ILL

Have you found a journal article that library does NOT have full-text access to? Don't worry! We can get it for you within 48 hrs. and have it delivered straight to your email. This service is called Rapid ILL. To use it, access the link below. Research just got easier!

Remember - when requesting an article, please make sure all the information boxes are filled in. The ISSN is most important! It is the mechanism that sends the request to a library who has the article.

Music Journals

These journals are available through different database provides. All of them are accessible from on-campus and off-campus through your myEastern credentials.

A to Z Journal List

Find out what journals Warner Library has about your research topic! Here you can search by journal title or browse by subject.

Refworks with Login link and How to use it

Import citations from research databases

  • Organize your citations in folders
  • Search within them
  • Create citations from scratch
  • Compile bibliography/works cited
  • Share your citations with other RefWorks users