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Economic Development: Databases

This guide is a tool for academic and field research in Economic Development

Useful Search Terms

Here are some search terms that will help you locate materials about Economic Development. 

  • absolute advantage
  • absolute poverty
  • agglomeration economies
  • agrarian system
  • agricultural extension
  • appropriate technology
  • basic needs
  • biomass fuels
  • brain drain
  • buffer stocks
  • capital flight
  • cartel
  • cash crops
  • closed economy
  • death rate
  • debt-for equity swap
  • dependence
  • development
  • economic growth
  • economies of scale
  • externality
  • fertility rate
  • foreign aid
  • free market
  • gini coefficient
  • Harrod-Domar growth model
  • human capital
  • infant mortality rate
  • invisible hand
  • land reform
  • Malthusian population trap
  • Pareto optimal
  • poverty gap
  • scarcity
  • stages of growth
  • terms of trade
  • urban bias
  • visious cycle

Database Providers

These databases will help you find current economic development articles.  For a complete listing of all our databases, please visit our website at:  To access these, you will be prompted to sign-in using your Eastern login (this is the same as your Brightspace and Eastern email logins).

New York Times Business Page

Here is some of the latest news in Economic Development:

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