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Faculty Resources & Services: BrightSpace

Library Quick Guide for Faculty

Brightspace & the Library

Whether your class is 100% online or it is a blended learning environment, a librarian is here to help. You can "embed" a librarian into your class, so students can get the support they need outside of class. Be sure to contact us a few weeks before your class begins to collaborate. We can help you find resources to embed, create custom research guides, offer Zoom instruction.

In addition to the tips on this page, be sure to understand copyright guidelines for online instruction. 

Adding a Librarian to your Brightspace

Adding a librarian to a Brightspace course

Learn how to add a librarian to your D2L Brightspace course for the purposes of allowing the librarian to interact with your students and assist them with class assignments.


  1. Inside your Brightspace course, click on Classlist from the navigation bar.
  2. Click on the Add Participants button.
    Add Participants Button
  3. Choose “Add existing users” from the drop down menu.
  4. In the “Search For…” field, type in the full name or username of the librarian who you would like to add and hit the magnifying glass search button.
    Search For Users button
  5. When the librarian’s name appears in the search results at the bottom of the page, click on the checkbox to the left of their entry and then click on the Select a Role dropdown menu on the right side of the entry. Choose the Librarian role from the list of available role types.
    Select a Role dropdown menu
  6. Click the Enroll Selected Users button.

Embed a Research Guide in your Brightspace

  1. Go to Course Admin -> Course Builder
  2. Add a Link (URL) under Add Content 
  3. Paste your library guide url into the Quick Link box 
  4. The new link will show up in the Contents box
  5. And will embed itself within Brightspace for easy access

Linking an EBSCO article in Brightspace