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Contests @ Warner Library: March Madness Bracket Contest!

Who will win? You decide!

Contest Rules

  1. Each week of the contest, we will have a round of voting for each hero and villain match-up. (For example, Week 1 will be Elite 8, Week 2 will be Final 4, etc.)
  2. Once per week, you can vote for who you want to win in each match-up!
  3. Only current students, faculty, and staff may participate in the contest.
  4. Wait for the next round of voting to begin! We will announce it on our social media feeds, so stay tuned!


** Contest ends on Thursday, April 1. The winner for the individual prize will be announced by the end of the day. **


At the end of the contest, we will draw a voter's name from a hat - the winner gets a $25 gift card to Amazon!