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MLA 9th Edition: What's New in the 9th Edition

The Purpose of this guide is to help you use MLA style to format your writing and cite your sources.  MLA style is used for student and professional writing in the arts, English, language arts, foreign language, literature, and cultural studies.

What's New in the 9th Edition - MLA - Spring 2021

The revised MLA Handbook is useful as a textbook and a style guide.  This revised work includes greater detail and clarification in the following areas:

  • MLA citation core elements, where to find them, and templates for proper style
  • Generalization for elements using a wider range of sources
  • Updated guidance for URLs
  • Explanation of in-text citations
  • Recommendations for inclusive language
  • Hundreds of additional sample works-cited-list entries 
  • Current guidelines for preventing plagiarism
  • Guidance for research paper formatting
  • Guidelines for writing conventions and mechanics
  • Recommendations for using notes in your writing 

Additional information on the new guidance from MLA can be found on the Purdue OWL website.

MLA 9th Edition Video: What's New

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