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INST214: Africa's Triple Heritage and the Modern World: Home

How to use this Research Guide

Welcome to the Africa's Triple Heritage and the Modern World guide. This guide acts as a starting point for your research. Consult it to learn where to find books, films, articles, journals, databases, websites, and other information resources.

How to use this Guide:
Located on the tabs are different types of resources- books, journals, websites, etc. Click on a tab and a page appears listing resources about African heritage in that format. For example, under the "Find Books & Films" tab is a list of books located here in Warner Library about Africa in general (not necessarily a particular genre).

If you need help with your research you can send me an email, or come by my office. I am happy to help!

African Countries

Click on the map to go to it's website for a better image.

Choose your country and let's begin your research!

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