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Social Justice Book Collection

"Social justice-oriented approaches in education refer to standpoints and scholarly traditions that actively address the dynamics of oppression, privilege, and isms, recognizing that society is the product of historically rooted, institutionally sanctioned stratification along socially constructed group lines that include race, class, gender, sexual orientation, and ability. Working for social justice in education means guiding students in critical self-reflection of their socialization into this matrix of unequal relationships and its implications, analysis of the mechanisms of oppression, and the ability to challenge these hierarchies."

Sensoy, O. and DiAngelo, R. (2009). Developing social justice literacy: An open letter to our faculty colleagues. Phi Delta Kappan, pp. 345-352.

A white man, an Asian woman, and a black woman holding signs in support on social justice. The signs respectfully read "Justice 4 ALL" "We are EQUAL" and "I WANT TO BE HEARD."