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Copyright and Using Materials in Your LMS: Digital & Streaming Media

Streaming Options

Digital and Streaming Guidelines

The library offers many streaming video options that can be edited into clips and emedded into online classes. (see left hand bar for some streaming video collections).  In addition, the library has a large collection of videos available for classroom use. Below is a guideline created by Duke University Libraries to help you determine if you can use a video for an online class.

Public Performance

If you are looking to host a public showing of video, please DO NOT use libary resources.  Per copyright guidelines, library materials cannot be used for public performances.

According to the ALA FactSheet on Video & Copyright, "Most public performances of a video in a public room (including library meeting rooms), whether or not a fee is charged, are an infringement of copyright. Such performances require a public performance license from the rights holder. There are few exceptions to this rule unless the public performance is determined to be a fair use." 

If you have any questions please feels free to contact us!