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Church Music Resources: Find Websites

A guide to use when locating resources about Church Music

Search Terms

Wordle: Church Music

Listed below are search terms for you to use when searching for resources about church music.

  • liturgy
  • "Gregorian chant"
  • plainsong or plainchant
  • "Gallican chant"
  • "Christian hymnody"
  • hymn
  • "Exclusive psalmody"
  • spirituals
  • gospel
  • motet
  • organum
  • Psalter
  • chorale

Hymnography Unbound

A blog by Ephrem "Music Director at a prayerful, happy parish in Northern Virginia."

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Informative Websites

Religious Affections Ministries

"Worship, Music, Culture, and Aesthetics - Resources for Local Churches"

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