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Definitions from Credo Reference

ecology In The Encyclopedia of Ecology and Environmental Management, Blackwell Science

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...or dwelling place (see Characters in ecology). It began as a subject concerned predominantly with... biological scheme of things from the study of cells and molecules. The spheres of interest of ecology...

Ecology In World of Sociology, Gale

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The term, ecology, was created in 1866 by Ernst Haekel, a German scientist who was a leading... Capra suggested that ecology can be described as “the study of relationships that interlink all members...

ecology In The Cambridge Guide to Children's Books in EnglishThumbnail image from entry

...interrelationships of animals, plants, soil and weather. Modern literary ecology has roots in the... games encourage children and teachers to investigate ecology first-hand in their own gardens and...



....; Thomas W. Hoekstra, Toward a Unified Ecology, New York: Columbia University Press, 1992. Beckel... History of the Environmental Sciences, New York: Norton, 1993. Bramwell, Anna, Ecology in the 20th...


ecology In Penguin Dictionary of Biology

A term first used in 1869 by Ernest Haeckel deriving from the Greek oìxoς (‘house’ or ‘place to live’). Ecology is the study of relationships of organisms, or groups of organisms, to their...


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