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Sheryl Van Horne

Biographical Information

Sheryl Van Horne


  • Doctor of Philosophy, Rutgers University, School of Criminal Justice, Newark, NJ, May 2010.
    Title: The Importance of Place: An Examination of the Structural Correlates of Intimate Partner Homicides, Chair: Dr. Leslie W. Kennedy
  • Master of Arts, Rutgers University, School of Criminal Justice, Newark, NJ, May 1999
  • Bachelor of Arts, German, Rutgers University, Rutgers College, October 1997
  • Certification in Business German
  • Bachelor of Arts, Psychology and Sociology, Rutgers University, Rutgers College, May 1996
  • Honors in Sociology, Thesis: A Content Analysis of Gender Roles in Country Music: 1975-1995
  • Criminology Certificate


  • Faculty Development Grant- $1350: Fall 2011, Spring 2013, Fall 2013, Summer 2014, Fall 2015
  • Faculty Development Grant- $2400 awarded Spring 2010
  • Mini grant- $220 for class field trip to Eastern State Penitentiary awarded Spring 2009
  • Faculty Development Grant- $2900 awarded Fall 2008 for 2009-2010
  • OJJDP (unawarded) $450,000 Family Drug Court Grant Application- Fall 2007
  • Global Funds Grant- November 2006
  • Mini-grant for Leading a Faculty Development Seminar- April 2006
  • Teaching Assistantship: Fall 1999- Spring 2000
  • Graduate Assistantship: Fall 1998- Spring 1999
  • Graduate Scholar Award: Fall 1997, Spring 1998, Spring 1999
  • School of Criminal Justice Fellowship: Fall 1997

Awards & Honors

  • Delta Phi Alpha, (German Honors Society): March 1997-present
  • Phi Sigma Iota, (Foreign Language Honors Society): October 1996-1999


  • Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences (lifetime member)
  • American Society of Criminology (1999-present)
  • American Sociological Association (2007- 2010)
  • European Society of Criminology (2007- present)
  • Homicide Research Working Group (2010-present)
  • Justice Studies Association (lifetime member)
  • Midwestern Criminal Justice Association (2016-)
  • Pennsylvania Association of Criminal Justice Educators (2008, 2014- present)
  • Southern Criminal Justice Association (2016-)
  • Southern Sociological Society (2007-2011)


Journal Articles


Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences

  • 2014 Examining Empathy in Criminal Justice Majors:  Key Differences and Why Empathy Matters. Philadelphia: February 21.
  • 2014 Transporting the Criminal Justice Field to the Classroom: Using Novels in Introductory Criminal Justice Courses. Philadelphia: February 19.
  • 2013 Justice Betrayed: Framing the Outcome of Justice on Oxygen Network’s Snapped. Dallas, TX: March 23.
  • 2012 Lessons from across the Ocean: What European Penal Policy could Teach Us. New York, NY, March 14.
  • 2011 Teaching through Music: Using Music in the Criminal Justice Classroom. Toronto, Canada: March 1.
  • 2010 Religion, Rurality, and Intimate Partner Homicide: A Social Disorganization Perspective. San Diego, CA: February 26.
  • 2009 Breaking the Cycle of Addiction: The Crime-reducing Potential of Family Drug Courts. Boston, MA: March 12.
  • 2008 The War on Terror in the News: The Rationale and Impact of the War in Iraq. Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences. Cincinnati, OH: March 13.
  • 2007 Violent Crime in the South: A Test of Social Disorganization Theory. Seattle, WA: March 17.
  • 2006 Comparative Contexts of Terror: A Content Analysis of the New York Times and the Jerusalem Post. Baltimore, MD: March 1.
  • 2005 The Language of Terror: Before and After 9/11. Chicago, Illinois: March 16.

American Society of Criminology

  • 2008 The Importance of Place: Understanding and Analyzing Rurality. St. Louis, MO: November 13.
  • 2007 Intimate Partner Homicide: A Structural Analysis. Atlanta, Georgia: November 17.
  • 2006 Increasing Student Engagement through Student Assessment Techniques. Los Angeles, CA: November 1.
  • 2005 A Comparative Analysis of the September 11th Attacks: Portrayals in the New York Times and Jerusalem Post. Toronto, Canada: November 19.
  • 2005 A Content Analysis of Popular Introduction to Criminal Justice Texts. Toronto, Canada: November 17.
  • 2004 Sources of ‘Terror’ in the News: Before and After September 11th. Nashville, Tennessee: November 18.
  • 2003 Terror in the News: Before and After September 11th. Denver, Colorado: November 22.
  • 2002 with G. Farrell. A Cross-National Comparison of Drug Offenders: 1990-1997. Chicago, Illinois: November 15.
  • 1999 Drugs in the Global Criminal Justice System. Toronto, Ontario: November 18.

European Society of Criminology

  • 2015 The Death of Women in the Country: Suburban and Rural Femicides and Institutional Structures. Porto, Portugal, September 4.
  • 2014 Institutional Correlates of Filicide Gun Homicides: When Parents Kill. ESC, Prague, Czech Republic: September 10-13.
  • 2013 Institutional Correlates of Intimate Partner Homicides Involving Guns in Rural and Urban Communities. Budapest, Hungary: September 4.
  • 2012  Inside-Out: Transformative Learning in Prison. Bilbao, Spain, September 15.
  • 2012 When Children are Killed: Child Homicide in the U.S. Bilbao, Spain, September 14.
  • 2011 A Home Confinement Exercise: Reducing Authoritarianism and Enhancing Empathy among College Students. Vilnius, Lithuania, September 23.
  • 2011 Rethinking U.S. Mass Incarceration: 21st Century Challenges & Implications for Europe & Beyond. September 23.
  • 2010 The Structural Correlates of Intimate Partner Homicide and the Importance of Place. Liege, Belgium: September 9.
  • 2009 Intimate Partner Homicide in the United States: Community Correlates, the Importance of Place, and Implications for Comparative Studies. Ljubjana, Slovenia: September 11.
  • 2007 Crime Prevention and the Media: Benefits, Problems and Future Directions. Bologna, Italy: September 28.

Other Conference Presentations

  • 2009 Changing the Grading Paradigm: Applying Assessment Techniques to Enhance Student Engagement. International Conference on Learning. Barcelona, Spain: July 4.
  • 2009 Examining Ethics in Corrections: Activities to Enhance Critical Thinking Skills. Northeastern Association of Criminal Justice Sciences. Bristol, RI: June 12.
  • 2009 Enhancing Critical Thinking about Courts and the Law through Lessons on Ethics. Southern Sociological Society. New Orleans, LO: April 3.
  • 2009 Examining the Structural Correlates of Rural Homicides: Some Cautionary Notes. Southern Sociological Society. New Orleans, LO: April 3.
  • 2008 Violence in Search of Democracy: The Media Portrayal of the War in Iraq. World Congress of Criminology. Barcelona, Spain: July 21.
  • 2008 Bringing Courts into the Classroom: Techniques to Improve Student Engagement and Enhance Critical Thinking Skills through Film in Courts Courses. NEACJS Portsmouth, RI: June 13.
  • 2008 with Wagner, K., C. Walsh, A. Sellers. Conservative Newspapers and Gender in the Presentation of Violent Criminal Incidents. Southern Sociological Society, Richmond, VA: April 11.
  • 2008 Giving Students the Biggest Bang for their Buck: Increasing Student Engagement through Assessment Techniques. Pennsylvania Association of Criminal Justice Educators, Altoona, PA: April 5.
  • 2007 The Interplay of Influence: The Urban-Rural Religious Context of Social Control and the Systemic Structural Organization Correlates of Violent Crime in Two Southern States. European and International Research Group on Crime, Ethics and Social Philosophy. Sofia, Bulgaria: October 26.
  • 2007 The Volatile World of Drugs: U.S. Methamphetamine Policies and Global Security. Conference on Democracy and Global Security. Istanbul, Turkey, June 16.
  • 2006 The Geography of Violent Crime: Social Disorganization, Social Disorder, and Rural Communities in the U.S. Crime in Rural Communities. Armidale, Australia: December 1.
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