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Joao M. Monteiro

Biographical Information

Joao M. Monteiro


  • Doctor of Philosophy, Drew University, 1997
    Dissertation Title: "The Church of the Nazarene in Cape Verde: A Religious Import in a Creole Society." 
  • Master of Philosophy, Drew University, 1994 Comprehensive Examination Areas: Max Weber, Sociology of Religion, Dependence in Post-Colonial Cape Verde, Contemporary West-African Christianity                                           
  • Master of Arts, Olivet Nazarene University, 1991
  • Bachelor of Arts, Olivet Nazarene University, 1988, Summa Cum Laude   


  • Eastern Sociological Society
  • African Studies Association
  • Association of Christians Teaching Sociology

Journal Articles


  • “Cape Verdean Transnationalism: Promise and Challenge." Paper presented at the Cape Verdean Studies Conference. Bridgewater State University, 12-14 June 2015.
  • “Colonialism, Missions, and Language in Cape Verde.” Paper presented at the International Conference Colonial Christian Missions and their Legacies. University of Copenhagen, 27-29 April  2015.
  • “Transnationalism and Quality of Life in a New England Immigrant Community.”  Paper presented at the International Symposium on Human Rights and Quality of Life in the Community of Portuguese Speakers in the United States and Canada.  Cambridge, Massachusetts, 9-10 November 2011.
  • “A Racionalidade, a Globalização, e Suas Implicações para o Desenvolvimento.”  Paper presented at the National Meeting on Research for Development.  Conference Theme: Investigação Científica e Integração Regional: Realidade e Perspectivas [Scientific Research and Regional Integration: Realities and Prospects].  Praia, Cape Verde, 12-14 November 2009.
  • “On Language and Citizenship: An Immigrant Perspective.” Workshop Presentation.  Promising Practices: Multi-Cultural Workshops and Media Fair, Rhode Island College, 2 November 2002.
  • “Unz e Não Outros: Language Immersion, or the Politics of Exclusion?” Panel Presentation.  Common Threads III, New Bedford, Massachusetts, 12 October 2002.
  • “Amilcar Cabral and Cape Verde, Thirty Years Later.” Panel Presentation. Amilcar Cabral and His Legacy, Cape Verdean Progressive Center, Providence, Rhode Island, 6 July 2002.
  • “Crioulo, Education and Community: An Immigrant Perspective on Language and Citizenship.”  Paper Presentation.  New Research on Lusophone Africa, King’s College London, 16-17 May 2002.
  • “Education in Cape Verde.” Workshop Presentation.  Promising Practices: Multi-Cultural Workshops and Media Fair.  Rhode Island College, 3 November 2001.
  • “The Great Drama: Cape Verdeans in the United States, Part X: Cabral Weighs In.”   Paper Presentation.  Cabral/King Conference.  University of Massachusetts, Boston, 20 January 2001.
  • “Re-Inventing Itself?  Education in Cape Verde at the Dawn of the 21st Century.” Workshop Presentation.  Promising Practices: Multi-Cultural Workshops and Media Fair.  Rhode Island College, 4 November 2000.                                          
  • “Cape Verdeans in the United States: Language as a Variable in Community Stability.” Paper Presentation.  Common Threads I, University of Massachusetts, Boston, 13 May 2000.
  • “Cabral: Pai ou Padrasto da Nação?” Panel Presentation.  The Life and Thoughts of Amilcar Cabral.  University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth, 6 April 2000.
Tags: College of Health and Social Sciences, Sociology and Criminal Justice Department