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Gary Jenkins

Biographical Information

Gary Jenkins


  • Ph.D. History. Early Modern Europe (Rutgers) 1999.
  • M.A. History Medieval Europe (University of Maryland, Baltimore County) 1991
  • M.Div. (Seminary of the Reformed Episcopal Church) 1990
  • B. A. Religion (Manahath College), 1985


  • The Peter Martyr Vermigli Society (treasurer)
  • The Sixteenth Century Studies Conference
  • The American Cusanus Society
  • Society for the Study of Early Modern Catholics
  • The Renaissance Society of America
  • The Reformation Studies Society
  • The Medieval Academy of America


Journal Articles


  • “To Hell with the University: Why the Academy Needs the Monastic Culture of the Desert” Lecture given to the Eastern University Philosophical Society, April 2013
  • “God speaks from Parnassus: The Logos, the Desire of Nations, and a Sacramental Perspective” Lecture given to the Eastern University Theological Society, March 2013
  • “Fasting, it’s the latest fashion: Lenten discipline and the garments of skin.” A lecture delivered to the Eastern University Students Forum, February 2013
  • "Richard Hooker and Catholic Ressourcement: what the Nouvelle Théologie can tell us about Hooker" paper presented at 2012 Sixteenth Century Studies Conference, Cincinnati, Ohio.
  • “Citizen Martyr: the citizen in the political thought of Peter Martyr Vermigli.” Paper read at the 2011 SCSC in Fort Worth, TX. Panel under the auspices of the Peter Martyr Vermigli Society, and the Society for Reformation research, in memoriam of Pr. Robert Kingdon.
  • “Conjunctio Christo: the Patristic and Reformed antecedents in Richard Hooker.” paper read at the 2010 Sixteenth Century Studies Conference, 14-17 October 2010, Montreal, Canada.
  • “Murdering Socrates and Boethius: the end of the unexamined life.” Paper originally given at the Readers of First Things meeting, 23 November 2009, with an expanded version delivered to the Honors Forum, 26 March 2010.
  • “Answering Adam: Why the alternative to Faith is just another faith.” Lecture given at Truth in Religion meeting, Christopher House, Kutztown University, 12 December 2009.
  • “The Impoverished Trajectory of Iconoclastic Societies: a reappraisal of the iconoclastic controversy.” Paper read at The Glory of Orthodoxy Exhibition at the conventual Community of St. John the Baptist (Anglican), Mendham, NJ, 22 May 2010.
  • “Conjunctio Christo: the Contours and Trajectory of Theosis in Vermigli, Jewel, and Hooker.” paper read at the 2009 Richard Hooker Colloquium, Trinity College, University of Toronto.
  • “Dinner with Raphael: The prolegomena of Peter Martyr Vermigli’s Eucharistic Intellections” paper read at October 2008 Sixteenth Century Studies Conference, St. Louis, MO.
  • “The Diverse Reformation of John Jewel and Peter Martyr Vermigli” at 2008 Reformation Studies Conference, March 2008. Westminster College, Cambridge, UK.
  • Chair and Comment, “Richard Hooker, the Minister and On Ministry,” panel organized by Pr. Dan Eppley, with papers by Professors Rudolph Almasy, John Stafford, and David Neelands.
  • 2007 Sixteenth Century Studies Conference. Minneapolis, MN.
  • "The Venerable Bede's Tabernacle or Peter Martyr Vermigli's Judges: Peter Martyr and his Patristic and Medieval Antecedents." at third International Peter Martyr Vermigli Conference, Montreal, 2007
  • “From ‘Bastard Trollope’ to ‘Our Lady Full of Grace’: John Jewel’s Ambiguous Elizabeth.” presented at 2006 Sixteenth Century Studies Conference, Salt Lake City, UT.
  • “Dan Brown: A post-modern, American Gnostic and the Gospel of the Da Vinci Code”, presented to May 2006 Ardbeidsdager Bergen: B nne-og arbeidsfellesskapet Kirkelig Fornyelse, Bergen, Norway
  • “Constantinus adversus Elizabetham: Monarchies and Republics in Recusant Thought” presented at the 2005 Sixteenth Century Studies Conference, Atlanta, GA.
  • “The Catholic Faith within the Catholic Church: An Ecumenical Dilemma” an intervention read to Professor Ola Tj rhom’s “Catholic Faith outside the Catholic Church–an ecumenicalChallenge,” delivered at the May 2005 Ardbeidsdager Bergen: B nne- og arbeidsfellesskapet Kirkelig Fornyelse, Bergen, Norway
  • “Between the Sacraments and Treason: English Recusant political thought in Elizabeth’s first decade” presented at the 2004 Sixteenth Century Studies Conference, Toronto
  • “A Coincidence of Photius and Augustine: Nicholas of Cusa’s Trinitarianism in De Visione Dei” presented at 2003 Sixteenth Century Studies Conference, Pittsburgh, PA.
  • “From Federalists to Rebels to Voluntarists: the Reformation and the Right of Resistance to Tyranny,” lecture delivered for the Oxford Study Abroad Program, Oxford, UK. August, 2003.
  • “A Martyred Gardiner: Religious Debate and Political Rhetoric in mid-Tudor England” presented at 2002 Sixteenth Century Studies Conference. San Antonio, Texas.
  • “From Most Select and Best Learned Subjects to Whoresome Knaves: Protestant Rhetoric and the Intent and End of the 1559 Westminster Disputation.” presented at 2000 Sixteenth Century Studies Conference. Cleveland, OH.
  • “From Charity to Coercion: Adiaphora’s transformation from ritual liberty to political repression.” presented at 1999 Sixteenth Century Studies Conference. St. Louis, MO.
  • “John Jewel and the Limits of an English Canonical Revisionist” presented at 1998 Sixteenth Century Studies Conference, Toronto, Ontario.
  • “A Prelate Public and Private: John Jewel, Puritanism and the Supremacy” presented at 1997 Sixteenth Century Studies Conference, Atlanta, GA.
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