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Frederic Putnam

Biographical Information

Frederic Putnam


  • Ph.D. The Annenberg Research Institute (continuing The Dropsie College for Hebrew & Cognate Learning), Philadelphia, PA [now the Herbert D. Katz Center for Advanced Judaic Studies of the University of Pennsylvania]
  • M.A. The Dropsie College for Hebrew & Cognate Learning, Philadelphia, PA
  • S.T.M., M.Div. Biblical Theological Seminary, Hatfield, PA
  • B.S. Cairn University, Langhorne, PA


  • Society of Biblical Literature
  • International Organization for Septuagint and Cognate Studies Evangelical Theological Society
  • Fellow, Institute for Biblical Research
  • Fellow & Board of Directors, Interdisciplinary Biblical Research Institute (IBRI)


Journal Articles


  • “Eroded Hope: Joban Conceptual Metaphors in Job 14” (Cognitive Linguistics in Biblical Interpretation Program Unit), SBL, November 2013
  • “Of Golden Worlds: Metaphor Complexes as Biblical Theologies”, ETS, November 2013 “On the Bible & the Good Life”, Templeton Honors College, April 2012
  • “‘Lacking’ and ‘Gaining’ a Heart in Proverbs”, Agora Conference, Cairn University, October 2011 “Self-Referential Metaphors in Job 6-7”, AAR-SBL Mid-Atlantic Annual Regional Meeting, April 2011 “Incarnation as Rent Collection”, ETS Eastern Regional Meeting, March 2011
  • “Wisdom in the Agora: Commercial Integrity & Social Stability”, WorldView Conference, Cairn University, October 2010
  • “YHWH is a Farmer; People are Plants”, Westminster Theological Seminary, December 2009
  • “From Darkness into Gloom: A True Story”, Alpha Chi Epsilon (PBU Chapter), September 2009 (invited paper) “Patterned Language: Form & Meaning in Biblical Poems”, SBL, November 2008
  • “Biblical Metaphor as Theology: YHWH IS A FARMER”, ETS Eastern Regional Meeting, April 2008 “Irrealis in the Book of Esther”, SBL, November 2006
  • “Congruent Visions: Community in Covenant, Wisdom, & Prophets” ETS Eastern Regional, April 2006 “Frozen Translations: The Text & Meaning of Pr 11.22”; SBL, November 2005
  • “Whose Story is it Anyway? NLT & Genesis 44.1-13”; ETS, November 2005 “Missional Implications of Eschatological Utopias”; ETS, November 2005
  • “Irrealis in Narrative: Why Stories Tell Us What Didn’t Happen”; ETS, Eastern Region, April 2005 “The Deceit of Metaphor and the Revelation of the Divine Name”; ETS, Eastern Region, April 2004
  • “Poetic Pedagogy: Hermeneutical & Pedagogical Implications of the Poetic Presence in the Canon”; ETS, April 2003
  • “Using Technology in Teaching the Old Testament”; Conference on Technology & Education, Philadelphia, PA, October 2002
  • “Pre-Reading Hebrew Narrative”; Conference on Bible Translation, Summer Institute of Linguistics, September 2001
  • “On Educating Christianly”, Veritas Lecture on Education (inaugural speaker), The Geneva School, Scranton, PA, May 1996
  • “On Christian Education”, Lehigh Valley Conference on Christian Education (plenary address), Lehigh Valley Presbyterian Church, Allentown, PA, September 1994, September 1996
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