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Eric G. Flett

Biographical Information

Eric G. Flett


  • Bachelor of Religious Education, Prairie Bible College, Canada. 1989
  • M.A. in Theology, Fuller Theological Seminary, USA, 1997
  • Ph.D. in Theology and Religious Studies, King's College, University of London, 1998-2004

Awards & Honors

  • Research Grant (200k award over 2 years), Templeton Foundation, 2013
  • Travel/Research Grant (20k award), Nagel Institute Global Christianity, 2013
  • Sabbatical Leave (Spring), Eastern University, 2011
  • Provost's Fellowship, Eastern University (Meneses, et al.), 2010
  • Postgraduate Resident, The Goodenough College, London, 1998-2001
  • Research Grants, King's College, London, 1999-2001
  • Rotary Ambassadorial Scholar, London, Rotary International, 1998


  • Thomas F. Torrance Theological Fellowship
  • Christian Theological Research Fellowship
  • Karl Barth Society of North America


Journal Articles


  • Autumn 2010 “Defining a Theology of Culture” for the colloquium series On Knowing Humanity: Developing a Christian Anthropology, Eastern University, November 19, 2010.
  • Autumn 2009 “Engaging the Religiously-Committed Other: Cross-Border Conversations in Anthropology.” Paper read at the American Anthropological Society Annual Meeting, Philadelphia, PA. Theme: The End/s of Anthropology. Reader: Eloise Meneses Writers: Eloise Meneses, David Bronkema, Lindy Backues, Ben Hartley, Eric Flett
  • Autumn 2007 “Culture as a Social Coefficient: Toward a Trinitarian Theology of Culture.” Paper read  for  the  Thomas  F.  Torrance  Theological  Fellowship.  American  Academy  of Religion, San Diego, CA.
  • Autumn 2003 “Priests of  Creation, Mediators  of Order:  Reading Thomas  F. Torrance  as a Theologian of Culture.” Paper read for the Thomas F. Torrance Theological Fellowship. American Academy of Religion, Atlanta, GA.
  • Autumn 2003 Convener, Christian Theological Research Fellowship ‘Book Session’ on Jeremy Begbie’s Theology, Music and Time. American Academy of Religion, Atlanta, GA.
  • Autumn 2000 “Human Being as Cultural Being: T. F. Torrance’s Theological Anthropology.” King’s College, London, Systematic Theology Seminar.
  • Winter 2000 “The  Ontological  Trinity  and  the  Divine  Economy  in  the  Thought  of  T.F. Torrance.” King’s College, London, Systematic Theology Seminar.
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