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100 Days of Dante: Home

Gallery of images celebrating "100 Days of Dante" event

100 Days of Dante


Explore this gallery of illustrations celebrating the "100 Days of Dante" event! Each displays a canto from The Divine Comedy that Eastern University faculty will be presenting. Please see more information about the project here!


Credits for photos:

Clark, Kenneth. (1976). The drawings by Sandro Botticelli for Dante's Divine Comedy after the originals in the Berlin Museums and the Vatican. Harper & Row, Publishers.

Roe, Albert S. (1953). Blake's illustrations to the Divine Comedy. Princeton University Press.

Read it for yourself!

You can read The Divine Comedy on the 100 Days of Dante website, or you can check out the e-books available below:

Resources about Dante at EU Library

Inferno Gallery

Canto 6: Cerberus, Second Version (Roe)

Canto 10: The Heretics (Clark)

Canto 15: The Violent against Nature (Clark)

Canto 20: The Necromancers and Augurs (Roe)

Canto 33: The Treacherous to Country/The Treacherous to Guests and Hosts (Clark)

Canto 34: Lucifer (Roe)

Purgatory Gallery

Canto 9: Lucia Carrying Dante In His Sleep (Roe)

Canto 10: The Proud (Clark)

Canto 32: The Harlot and the Giant (Roe)

Paradise Gallery

Canto 3: The Moon (Clark)

Canto 20: Jupiter (Clark)

Canto 24: Beatrice and Dante in Gemini Amid the Spheres of Flame (Roe)

Canto 30: Dante in the Empyrean, Drinking at the River of Light (Roe)