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Definitions geriatric nursing and related terms

geriatrics In The Crystal Reference Encyclopedia

The study of the health needs of the aged and their provision. The numbers of elderly persons have increased in recent years in most Western societies, and continue to do so, making increasing demands...

geriatrics In The Penguin English Dictionary

...plural noun (treated as singular or plural) a branch of medicine that deals with old age and the diseases associated with old age. Derived words geriatrician noun...

geriatrics In Churchill Livingstone's Dictionary of Nursing

...n The branch of medicine dealing with old age and its diseases, together with the medical care. The nursing care of older people is the term now preferred in nursing. → ageism.

Geriatrics In Illustrated Dictionary of Science, Andromeda

The branch of medicine specializing in the care of the elderly. Although concerned with the same diseases as the rest of medicine, the different susceptibility of the aged and a tendency for multiple...

geriatrics In Mosby's Dictionary of Medicine, Nursing, & Health Professions

.../jerˈ ē•atˈriks/ The branch of medicine dealing with the physiologic characteristics of aging and the diagnosis and treatment of diseases affecting the aged.

geriatric nurse practitioner In Mosby's Dictionary of Medicine, Nursing, & Health Professions

A registered nurse with additional education obtained through a master's degree program in nursing or a non-degree-granting certificate program that prepares the nurse to deliver primary health care...

gerontic nursing In Mosby's Dictionary of Medicine, Nursing, & Health Professions

...Nursing care pertaining to an older person, a compromise between geriatric nursing (nursing care primarily for older persons who are ill) and gerontological nursing (a more holistic view of the...


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