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Food-related Resources: Searching "How-to" Videos

This guide will help you find research pertaining to certain aspects of food production and industry.




Have a BIG research paper due? Need help researching?

Email me to setup a research appointment! I am happy to help you learn how to better your research skills and strategies. For now, take a look at these short videos that will show you how limit or expand your search results.

How To Search: Using "Quotation Marks"

How To Search: Using Connector Terms (AND, OR, NOT)

Using EBSCOhost, this clip shows the difference in search results. Note the large number of results anytime the connector term "OR" is used to connect search terms and how the term "AND" limits results. For another view of connector terms, please look at the box "Keys to Searching Success."

Rapid ILL

Have you found a journal article that library does NOT have full-text access to? Don't worry! We can get it for you within 48 hrs. and have it delivered straight to your email. This service is called Rapid ILL. To use it, access the link below. Research just got easier!

Remember - when requesting an article, please make sure all the information boxes are filled in. The ISSN is most important! It is the mechanism that sends the request to a library who has the article.

Your Librarian