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School Nurse Certification: Syllabus & Assignments

School Nurse Certification


Name of Graded Assignment: Practical Exercise: A Case Law Review

By utilizing the assigned legal case noted in Assignments in Detail in Content (below) the student will summarize the legal case and provide a description of its relevance to school nurse practice. 

  • Practical Exercise paper must follow the rubric format found in Content.
  • The paper should be 4-6-page typed, written paper in APA format
  • Title page and reference page are in addition to the required 4-6 pages of written work.
  • Papers must conform to the most recent Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association for guidelines regarding APA style for written work.
  • It is expected the paper will be written at the graduate course level.
  • Please follow the Practical Exercise Rubric in Content,
  • Grading Rubric: Department/Program Rubric on Brightspace     

All papers once submitted to Dropbox are automatically processed via for plagiarism. All papers must be less than 25% Turnitin.  Papers that do not meet the criteria will be graded per the rubric.  Academic dishonesty is not tolerated!  Please see syllabus and Content for further information.

Practical Exercise Assigned Cases. You are responsible for locating these cases via internet or library research. The cases are not provided by the instructor.

Rachel A. Parsons v. Mullica Township Board of Education (075859), A-69-14 (N.J. 2016) (visual acuity notification) ANDERSEN

Davis v Francis Howell School District (School nurse refused to administer a dose of Ritalin that exceeded the max amount allowed in the PDR) BATTLE

 Evancho, et al v Richland School District (Transgender students denied the right to use the restroom of the gender they identified themselves) BEAUMONT

Mears vs. Bethel SD #403 BOWERS

Spady vs. Bethlehem School District (dry drowning case in school pool) CHRISTIE

 Strough vs. Bedford Community School District (concussion lawsuit and school nurse) COLON

 McGreevy vs. Stroup (school nurse and fight for disabled students)HUNTER

 Begley vs. The City of New York (food allergy case) ROBERTS

Plaintiffs (H.G.)  v. The School District of Upper Dublin (IEP law case) LEKOSKY

Melissa Hearring v. Karen Sliwowski (school nurse and student visual genital exam) MCCRACKEN

Safford vs. Redding (student and contraband) PETERSEN

T.F vs Fox Chapel (food allergies/504 violations) SIMPSON

E.B vs Wichita School District (chemical burn) SLAVIN

Kathleen Liebau vs Romeo Community Schools (food allergies) VETTER

SE v. Grant County Bd. of Educ., 544 F.3d 633 (6th Cir. 2008) (medication case) ZANGARA

Literature Review (LR) Paper  Assignment with list of possible topics. 

Each student will write a 9-11 page literature review paper on an instructor-approved topic pertinent to the school aged child with an educational or medical exceptionality. Papers must conform to APA standards for written work. At least three research articles must be reviewed. A minimum of six references should be cited and should be recent (2012-2018). Please consult the most recent Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association for guidelines regarding APA style for written work. It is expected that this literature paper will be written at the graduate course level. More details on the Literature Review paper rubric as well as in Content and the syllabus.

Choose a legal issue that is of interest to you.  The topic must be approved by the instructor. Some topic suggestions might be: 

  • AED/CPR requirements in schools
  • Asthma
  • Child Abuse/Neglect
  • Concussions
  • Diabetic students in schools
  • Documentation issues
  • DNAR
  • Ethical Issues
  • Food allergies
  • Gender issues
  • Immunization Waivers
  • Immunization Law in PA
  • Medical Marijuana
  • Teen Pregnacy
  • Teen Suicide
  • Rights of Minors
  • Student Drug testing

 Your paper must contain the following headings: An Abstract is not required!

  • Introduction 
  • Literature Review (3 or more peer reviewed journals/research articles!)
  • Discussion of the findings
  • Current Legislation
  • Implications for school nurse practice 
  • Conclusion