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Literature: European & Russian: European & Russian Literature

Taking an European lit. class? Begin your research here!

Literature: European & Russian

The English Department

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Don't Judge a Book by it's Film!

This is a brief list of film adaptations of European & Russian Lit. classics held here in the library's collection.


Welcome to the Literature: European & Russian guide. This guide acts as a starting point for your research. Consult it to learn where to find books, articles, journals, literary criticism, databases, and other information resources.

How to use this Guide:

Located on the tabs are different resources- books, journals, websites, etc. Click on a tab and a page appears listing specific resources about European and Russian literature. For example, under the "Find Books" tab is a list of books located here in Warner Library about this subject.

If you need help with your research you can send me an email, call, or come by my office. I am happy to help!

Overview of European & Russian Literature

Begin your research with Reference sources! Reference resources like Wikipedia & other encyclopedias provide contextual information about all different topics.  They offer a general understanding that paves the way to a deeper comprehension of a topic.

Though great for building background information and filling in information gaps, you should not use them in your final paper.

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Reference Databases

Reference databases provide contextual information about all different topics.


Listen for free to a range of audiobooks available in the public domain!