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environmental technology: An all-inclusive term used to describe pollution control devices and systems, waste treatment processes and storage facilities, and site remediation technologies and their components that may be utilized to remove pollutants or contaminants from, or to prevent them from entering, the environment. Examples include wet scrubbers (air), soil washing (soil), granulated activated carbon unit (water), and filtration (air, water). Usually, this term applies to hardware-based systems; however, it can also apply to methods or techniques used for pollution prevention, pollutant reduction, or containment of contamination to prevent further movement of the contaminants, such as capping, solidification or vitrification, and biological treatment. Definition from the National Safety Council's Environmental Health Center: Glossary

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Environmental management In McGraw-Hill Concise Encyclopedia of Science and Technology

...noosphere, the realm of communicating human minds. Environmental management is a mixture of science... purely anthropocentric sense, the central problem is how to permit technology to evolve continuously...

...environmental engineer places special attention on the biological, chemical, and physical reactions in the air, land, and water environments and on improved technology for integrated management...

Excellence Centre, home and environmental technology; references and indicative further reading. ORIGINS... appropriate use of ICT; Fool's Gold; health issues; home and environmental technology; interactive toys...

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