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ENG102 College Writing - For Librarians: Teaching Rubric

Model To Use

This guide is to help you conduct and information literacy class for ENG102. This agenda can also be adapted to many other courses.

*Note: For courses other than ENG102, it is advisable to speak with the professor to a) get the syllabus for the class and b) to target an assignment so that students will understand the value.

Most professors will schedule a single class for us to present library resources along with information on citing sources, plagiarism, etc.

Here is a suggested agenda:

Brief Tour:  Class meets in the Library (Main level)

               Point out both Checkout/Reserves area and the Information Desk and the purpose fo each.

               Include information about the layout of the main level and mention the other levels. I always indicate where the 

                    quietest places are to study in the library.

               Point out the videos and audio books (for commuters).

               Mention the computers and where they are located (how many on each level of the lbirary).

               Point out WEPA print machines.

After the mini tour take the class to the Room 119 on the lower level.

Website: Explain library's service and resources (where to find)

                Explain the buttons

                Point out Individual Research consultation form and its benefits

                Point out the Library’s Social networks

Explain OPAC:  Source to find print /electronic books

E-Books:  Over 170,000 books available

EZ Borrow:  Quick retrieval of ILL books

Databases - do a search on Ebscohost - show how it works.

              EZ Proxy:  Off-campus access to resources; used mostly by remote learners and commuting students/faculty

              Search terms:  Definition & examples

Evaluating resources:  Determining peer-reviewed vs. popular; credibility; currency & relevancy

Reference Resources:  Wikipedia vs. Credo (free vs. subscription)

Locating JournalsA-to-Z Journal List

Internet :  Search engine search tips (Google, Yahoo!, Ask) - Show Google libguides -

Rapid ILL:  Quick retrieval Interlibrary Loan for articles not available in full-text

Plagiarism: Show libguide

Citing Sources:  Citation LibGuide - MLA for ENG102 , Refworks  (Some professors will not want to bother with Refworks). It

               is appropriate to ask first.


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