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Citing in APA Format: Photographs, Artwork, Maps

This guide will assist you in citing electronic and print resources. Each tab will indicate the type of resource and how to cite.




Westinghouse Electric Corporation. (2009). Lightning model [Photograph]. Retrieved from


APA Style Guide to Electronic Resources


Visual Art (Paintings, sculpture, photograph, etc.)

APA offers no advice about citing everyday illustrations, graphs or other images that are published within books, magazines, journals or on Web sites. 

A good reference contains enough information to lead your reader to the source you used. This should include the artist's name, year work was created, title of the work, location and any other information that is necessary or relevant.

The following are examples of:

Original Piece

La Farge, J. (1890). Girl in grass dress [Painting]. Columbus, OH: Columbus Museum of Art.

Reproduction in Print

La Farge, J. (1890). Girl in grass dress [Painting]. In N. J. Roberts, (Ed.), The American collections: Columbus Museum of Art
              (1988, p. 26). Columbus, OH: Columbus Museum of Art. 


La Farge, J. (1890). Girl in grass dress. Retrieved from

Courtesy of Columbus State University APA Research Guide


Maps retrieved online

Name of Primary Contributor. (Contribution). (Date Produced). Map title [type of map]. Retrieved from http://web address


Powers, D. M. (Cartographer). Shaded bedrock-topography map of Ohio. [Topography map]. Retrieved from


Courtesy of Columbus state University APA Research Guide

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