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Citing in APA Format: Social Media

This guide will assist you in citing electronic and print resources. Each tab will indicate the type of resource and how to cite.


Online Forum / Discussion Board Postings

Author.  (Publication Date).  Title of the message [Identifier, if available].  Message  posted to URL of the newsgroup or discussion board.

  • If the author's name is not available, provide the screen name.
  • Titles for items in online communities are not italicized.


Purley.  (2011, February 25).  A temperament question. Message posted to

              /5-poodle-talk/12389-temperament- question.html

Courtesy of Golden Gate University APA Research Guide


Facebook or Twitter Feed (Tweet)

To cite a Facebook or Twitter page and discuss it in general in your paper, give the URL in text, inside parentheses.  An in-text citation is sufficient.  Treat it as if you are citing the whole website.  No reference list entry is required.

To cite a specific Facebook or Twitter feed, you will need BOTH an in-text citation AND a reference list entry.  To ensure accuracy, you should include names as written.

Author.  (Publication Date).  Complete Post [Form].  Retrieved from URL


BarackObama. (2009, July 15). Launched American Graduation Initiative to help additional 5 mill. Americans graduate

             college by 2020: [Twitter post]. Retrieved from      


Note:  The Twitter name of President Obama is BarackObama (no space between the letter "K" and "O".  Do not change it to "Obama, B.".  It should be alphabeticized under B.

Courtesy of Golden Gate University APA Research Guide

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