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Citing in APA Format: Websites

This guide will assist you in citing electronic and print resources. Each tab will indicate the type of resource and how to cite.


Web Pages

The Basics

  • The basic template for any information you get off a website is made up of four pieces: author, date, title (with description of format in brackets), and source (the url).
  • When no author is listed for a web page, the title moves to the first position of the entry.
  • When you are citing an entire web site, it is sufficient to give the address of the site as an in-text citation by listing the URL in parentheses.
  • When an Internet document is more than one web page, provide a URL that links to the home or entry page for the document. Also, if there isn't a date available for the document use (n.d.) for no date.
  • Give the URL of the home page when the online version of the article is available by search to avoid nonworking URLs.

Author. (Year). Title of Web page [Format]. Retrieved from URL

General Web page example:

 Web Sites

  • If you refer to an entire website in the body of your paper, include the url of the site’s home page in parentheses. It is not necessary to add a citation for the website to your reference list.

Multiple authors:

Nafees, Q., Yilong, Y., Andras, N., Zhiming, L., & Janos, S. (2014, November 19).  Anonymously analyzing clinical 

             data sets. Retrieved from

One author & an article within the website:

Guevarra, L. (2010, June 18). Ten cutting-edge green job titles. Retrieved


No author:

United States Department of Education. (2010). Fast facts. National Center for Education Statistics. Retrieved


Article from a web page, no date:

Dvoretsky, D. P. (n.d.).  History: Pavlov Institute of Physiology of the Russian academy of Sciences. Retrieved from

Courtesy of Golden Gate University APA Research Guide, Columbus State University APA Research Guide & APA Style Guide to Electronic Resources, p32

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