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How do I place an item on Reserves?: Reserves

Download the Reserves Request Form

Download the Reserves Request Form, fill in the information, and send or give to John Mokonyama,, phone 610-341-1777.

Guideline for Putting Materials on Reserve in Warner Library

General Information

The purpose of course reserves is to make a limited number of materials accessible to many students. This can be done in print form or electronically.


Print Reserves

We will accept print reserves for books, videos, CDs, slides and if desired, journal articles. Personal copies of books will be accepted, if the library cannot procure a copy of its own. Print Reserves are for “in library use only” but the instructor can give permission for students to take them out overnight.

All material must be reviewed each semester, and if no longer used, should be removed from reserve. If material will be used another semester, inform library staff so copyright compliance can be ascertained.

Electronic Reserves

Electronic Reserves are a convenient way to make reserves available to all students all the time.  Material that can easily be duplicated, such as a book chapter or journal article, can be scanned and accessed through EReserves. Students can retrieve the material from any computer on campus, or from home with an authorized password. Students can then print the material for their own use. In BlackBoard, a Library Reserve site is provided under the Course number and title that will take students directly to the reserve readings for that class.

Faculty must provide clean, single-sided photocopies of material.

In processing reserves, the library will follow the fair use guidelines of the copyright law. Faculty must also become familiar with copyright laws that apply to classroom and library copying.

Guide Author

This guide was created by John Mokonyama.

Access & Research Services Librarian

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