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Church History - Post-Reformation : Web Searching Tips

Resource Guide for the Christian Studies and Youth Ministry departments

Website Evaluation Checklist

This checklist will help you in evaluating the nature of a website. We living in an age of information overload- just because it's out there don't me its an authority. Make sure to examine each of these attributes in order to better ascertain the validity of a site.

  1. Look at the URL
    Is it s personal webpage or site?
    What tyoe if domain is it? .com .org .edu .gov non-US?

  2. Scan the perimeter of the page
    Who wrote the page?
    Does it have a date for when it was last updated?
    Are there credentials?

  3. Examine the content
    Are the sources well-documented?
    Does it link to more sources? Do the links work?
    Is there evidence of bias?

  4. What do others say?
    Who links to it? Blogs? What do they say?
    Is the page rated well in a directory?
    Look up the author. Try performing a Google/Yahoo!/ search.

  5. Does it all add up?
    Why was the site/page put on the web? To inform? persuade? sell?
    Is it possibly ironic? A satire or parody?

Web Searching Strategies

A short video designed to help you get more from your web searches.